Harrison Boulevard Historic District

Historic black and white picture 1305 Harrison Boulevard

The Harrison Boulevard Historic District is linked by one of Boise’s most beautiful streets. Harrison Boulevard is a wide avenue flanked by mature trees and a parkway median. The boulevard was laid out in 1891 in the general location of an early stage and emigrant route, an alternate route of the Oregon Trail, and was named for President

Benjamin Harrison, who signed the Admissions Act making Idaho a state in 1890.
The district displays a rich variety of architectural styles with large mansions in Queen Anne, Tudor Revival, Mission Revival, Colonial Revival, and Art Moderne styles alongside more modest bungalows and cottages. A variety of building materials including brick, wood shingle, wood siding, and stone are represented.

Continuity in this diverse architectural setting is created by the boulevard. The uninterrupted parkway with the consistent line of ornamental pear trees and streetlights, flanked by mature deciduous trees along the outside, bind the neighborhood. The variety in housing sizes and lot configurations is connected by the symmetry of the street.

Harrison Boulevard Historic District At-a-Glance

Historic Designations

  • 1980: Listed on the National Register of Historic Places
  • 1989: Designated as a local historic district by Boise City.

Period of Significance: 1890s - 1940s

Prominent Architectural Styles

  • Queen Anne (20%), Tudor Revival, Mission Revival, Colonial Revival, Art Moderne, Modest Bungalows and Cottages

Unique Characteristics

  • Wide avenue and parkway median flanked by mature trees, early use of sidewalks, storm gutters and electric lights.

Design Goals

  • New construction projects shall maintain the continuity of the boulevard, while embracing the diversity of individual properties.
  • Rear alleys and line of street setbacks, which vary by blocks should be maintained.
  • Street trees and plant materials in the landscape parkways should be respected.
  • The Integrity of the uninterrupted sidewalks along the blocks should be maintained.


  • Preserve the unique character of this stately boulevard. Preservation of the character, style and details of the many high style buildings is a high priority, as is assuring that new building will be in scale and congruous in character with the district.

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