Site Postings

All applicants with projects being decided by a hearing body are required to post their site as required by the development code use the following templates and adhering to the guidelines outlined below. If you have questions, contact the city planner assigned to your case.


All notices shall be double-sided, printed on bright colored paper (yellow or orange are recommended), protected from the weather through a form of lamination and 11" x 17" in size, unless a 4' x 4' notice is required.

Double-sided 4' x 4' notices shall be required for:

  • Comprehensive Plan Land Use Amendments
  • Rezones / Annexations
  • Special Exceptions
  • Subdivisions (5 acres or greater)
  • Conditional Use Permits (greater than 1 acre or on a gateway street)
  • Category III Hillside Grading Work Sessions
  • Planned Unit Developments (greater than 1 acre or on a gateway street)


  • Use materials that can hold up to inclement weather
  • For smaller notices, a yardstick is preferred
  • For larger notices, concrete blocks and sturdy posts or plywood boards are preferred.
Graphic showing where notices must be placed on different sized properties

Posting, Proof and Removal

15+ days prior to the scheduled public hearing:

  • Notice(s) must be placed on the premises
  • Notices must be placed in the front yard on the property, out of the public right-of-way, at least 3' above the ground, and perpendicular to the street
  • Two notices must be placed on lots with 1,000' or more of frontage and on all corner lots.

10 days prior to the public hearing: 

  • Proof of posting is required or the item will be deferred to a future hearing
  • Applicants must submit a statement and a photo attesting to when and where the notice(s) are posted.

3 days after the public hearing

  • All notice(s) must be removed.


After the city sends the applicant the legal language for the “Request” field in the template, applicants need only to update the template to highlight the:

  1. Relevant review board for the hearing
  2. Date of the hearing
  3. Case number
  4. Applicant Name
  5. Site Address
  6. a JPEG graphic of the proposed project

After saving the file with the information entered, the files can be printed at the office or at a local print shop.

Video Instructions

4 x 4 Site Posting Guided Instructions

Instructions for filling out a 4 x 4 site posting poster.

Watch Video

11 x 17 Site Posting Guided Instructions

Instructions for filling out an 11 x 17 site posting poster.

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