Project Management

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Boise's Project Management Program

PDS offers limited project management services for customers whose projects meet specific criteria. A project may consist of a number of permits or approvals, and may involve review by other city departments or outside agencies.

If a project is accepted into the program, a project manager will oversee the project throughout the entire development review process. The project manager assists applicants in understanding the city’s requirements, which enables them to submit complete applications and avoid possible delays. The project manager proactively monitors each project’s progress from Planning approvals to Certificate of Occupancy.

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Multi-Disciplinary Team

A multi-disciplinary team will be assigned to the project. Team members could include representatives from Current Planning, Design Review, Subdivisions, Plan Review, Fire, Public Works and a multitude of other disciplines. The project manager will select the team based on the scope of the project.

Early Assistance Meetings

Early assistance meetings are offered to identify required applications, establish project timelines and determine if there are any major issues prior to application submittal. One or more early assistance meetings may be held with varying team members. 

Project Manager’s Role

The project manager acts as the central point of contact, opening the lines of communication by bringing an appropriate city team together, and greatly reducing the amount of time applicants spend going from department to department. 

Eligible Projects

Eligibility for Project Management is based on the City’s vision and priorities along with the Project Management Team’s capacity to manage the project. To be eligible for consideration, your project needs to meet at least one of the following criteria.

  • Housing: Multifamily housing projects located in the downtown design district incorporating podium, mid-rise, and/or high-rise construction.
  • Affordability: Residential projects that qualify for affordable housing incentives identified in City Code.
  • Sustainability: Sustainable projects that comply with the City's Green Construction Code. (Title 9 - Chapter 13)
  • Economic Impact: Projects that have a positive economic impact that are referred by the City of Boise Economic Development Department.
  • Community Benefits: Projects of civic importance such as schools, hospitals, parks, cultural institutions, and libraries.

If your development project meets these eligibility criteria, we encourage you to submit the request form to learn more about how we can help you successfully assist in completing your project.

There is currently no additional fee for Project Management services.

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