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Requests shall not be processed unless this request is completed by the event organizer requesting Boise Police Department Officers.

Boise Police Department employees must always adhere to the Boise Police Department policies and procedures.  An organization requesting police services should understand that the organization has no authority over police personnel. The Officer’s actions are limited to violations of law. Officers cannot enforce rules and regulations of the organization.

Boise Police Department will evaluate requests based on public safety needs and an assessment of potential risks.

Prior to the acceptance of police staffing for your event, the event organizer must complete this request and sign the Police Labor Agreement.

Under extraordinary circumstances, Officers may be recalled to services directed by the city and pulled away from the assigned special event shift. An example of an occurrence would be a significant emergency. If this where to happen, the event organizer would not be billed for the Officers time that he/she was pulled away from the event.

Rate Schedule and Minimum Hours

Officer         $53.00 - $99.00 / Hour      Fiscal Year 2024

Sergeant     $98.00 - $107.00 / Hour      Fiscal Year 2024

Boise Police Department reviews rates annually.

The rate schedule above shows the range that will apply. You will be charged accordingly to the rate of each Officer that works your event.

When an Officer is hired under a Police Labor Agreement, the Boise Police Department charges the organization a rate which is calculated to cover the total expenses incurred by the Police Department.  This overtime rate is calculated using the pay received by the Officer, including PERSI and FICA benefits. The Sergeant and Officers overtime rate is calculated at their normal hourly rate at time and one half. The Lieutenant pay is composite.

(1) hour for each Officer will be added to the Police Labor Agreement on top of the staffing time needed for the event. This is intended to compensate the Officers time to prepare for the event, and travel time to and from the event location.

The minimum charge for Officers is (3) hours.

Cancelation Policy

If you need to cancel your event, BPD requires at least a 24-hour notice prior to the scheduled start time of your event. If the event is canceled during normal business hours you can cancel by emailing. If the cancelation occurs during a weekend call the Special Events Lieutenant that is listed on the Police Labor Agreement.

If BPD does not receive a least a 24-hour notice of the event being canceled the event organizer will be required to pay (3) hours for each Officer scheduled for your event.

Staffing Requirements

Boise Police Department will review each request to determine correct staffing levels. A Sergeant may be required for certain events regardless of the number of Officers required for the event. In cases where the Event Organizer underestimates the attendance of an event, a supervisor may call in additional Officers for the event. The event organizer may be billed for the extra Officers at the listed rates.

The matrix above provides a starting point to determine staffing. Aggravating and Mitigating factors will affect staffing.





0 - 100

101 - 200

201 - 500

501 - 1000

1001 - 2000

2001 - 3000

3000 +




2 Officers

2 Officers             1 Sergeant

3 Officers                1 Sergeant

4 Officers               1 Sergeant

For each 750 attendees 1 additional Officer

*This matrix shall be used for events which do not require a complex traffic plan with road closures. If the event involves a complex traffic plan additional Officers may be required.

The Chief of Police will make the final determination of the number of Officers needed for an event to ensure safety and security.

Aggravating Factors

  • Alcohol consumption at the event - Multiple source dispensing, open to entire footprint
  • History of the event, prior event of similar nature with history of safety problems and/or police action
  • Risk behavior of expected attendees
  • Complex traffic plans
  • Multiple extended routes or overlapping events
  • VIP's in attendance
  • Weather considerations - Extended exposure to high or low temperatures, rain snow, or wind
  • Presence and number of private security personnel
  • Potential for opposing groups
  • Event location pose possible hazards or mitigation issues - bodies of water, potential for lost children, etc.
  • Agency resource needs - required number of officers available to safely staff the event

Mitigating Factors

  • No alcohol consumption at the event
  • History of the event, prior event of similar nature with no history of safety problems or police action
  • Attendees will be at one central location
  • Simple traffic plan, no street closures
  • No VIP's in attendance
  • Sufficient number of private security personnel
  • Weather considerations - No impact by weather

Payment and Police Labor Agreement

The event organizer is responsible for paying the City of Boise. Once the event is approved and staffing levels are determined, Boise Police Department will send a Police Labor Agreement which reflects the number of Officers, total number of hours, and price estimates. The price estimate will include the highest rate schedule for each Officer. You will be billed accordingly to the rate and hours of the officers that work your event. Boise Police Department must receive the signed Police Labor Agreement before the event receives final approval. The Police Labor Agreement is only an estimate, and the actual cost may differ from estimated amount. You will receive an invoice after the event. Full payment is required within 60 days of the event date.

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