Christmas Trees

Residents who participate in the compost program can compost live (not artificial) trees. First remove all lights, ornaments, tinsel and anything else that is not part of the tree. Cut or saw trees into segments and place in your compost cart so that the lid can fully close. If you cannot fit all your tree into the cart, bundle remaining segments and set the bundles next to your compost cart on collection day.

Whole Christmas trees placed beside your cart will not be collected.

Residents who do not participate in the compost program but would still like to recycle their tree can take live trees to the Ada County Landfill at 10300 N Seamans Gulch Rd, Boise. Tree disposal is free from December 26 to January 2. Trees will be recycled through the wood waste recycling program.

Residents who are unable to compost their tree can dispose of a live tree in the trash by cutting it to fit in the trash bin. Wreaths and trees sprayed with artificial snow or flock should also be placed in the trash.

Reduce and Reuse

Consider investing in an artificial Christmas tree that can be used every holiday season.

Crush the pine needles and place in a bowl for wintry potpourri or place in small fabric bags for fragrant sachets.

Christmas tree branches with pine needles

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