Aluminum Foil

This goes in your recycling cart.

Aluminum foil, including foil trays, go in your recycling cart. Foil should be balled up into softball sized balls before placing into your recycling cart. Additionally, please rinse if foil is covered with food residue.

Reduce and Reuse

Buy only what you need to limit excess that will become waste.

Wash aluminum foil and reuse multiple times. Give the foil a quick rinse by hand or clean it in the dishwasher (place the foil soiled-side down on the top rack of your dishwasher, weigh it down with a utensil, and run it through your dishwasher).

Crumple used foil into a ball and reuse as a pot scrubber or grill cleaner.

Instead of storing food using aluminum foil, use reusables glass storage containers.

For grilling, instead of wrapping food in aluminum foil, consider using the grill as is or using a grill basket.

Aluminum trays

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