Trailhead reminder to lock it, hide it, keep it

April 1, 2021

Great weather means a greater chance you might head to one of Boise’s many trails, golf courses, and other outdoor recreational areas. Whenever you park your car, be sure to lock the doors and remove any personal items. In the last month, BPD has responded to multiple vehicle burglaries (see green triangles on map) in parking lots at trailheads and golf courses.

In some cases the vehicles were unlocked, in others, the suspects broke into the vehicle to remove the items. In many cases, victim's bank or financial transactions cards were stolen and quickly used to illegally purchase items at local retailers.

We encourage you to not leave your wallet or purse behind in your vehicle. Take it with you or leave your wallet/purse at home and only take the essentials you need like a driver’s license and keys.

Report any suspicious activity immediately to police at 208-377-6790 (suspicious) or 911 (urgent).

Theft Prevention Tips

  • Lock It: Lock Your Vehicle
  • Hide It: Hide Your Valuables
  • Keep It: Keep Your Property

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