Prosecutor: Boise Police Officers Justified in July 26, 2023, Critical Incident

April 12, 2024

The Gem County Prosecuting Attorney Erick Thomson determined the Boise Police officers who shot Macey Juker on July 26, 2023, were justified in their actions.

The prosecutor reviewed the officers’ on-body video as well as the complete investigation conducted by the Ada County Critical Incident Task Force (CITF) led by the Garden City Police Department.

A brief description of the event from the Prosecuting Attorney is included below and the entire letter is available here.

After 10:00 pm on July 26, Juker placed a 911 call to dispatch showing signs of mental illness and stating he had an assault rifle. Dispatch could hear shots being fired over the phone. Law enforcement and residents also heard the firearm in the neighborhood of the 600 block of N. 19th street in Boise, a populated residential area. Law enforcement officers arrived at this location to find Juker with an assault rifle. Juker initially put the weapon down and complied with law enforcement orders. He then retrieved the weapon and ran from officers, before turning to aim the weapon back at the officers. As Juker aimed the weapon at officers, the officers and Juker opened fire. After being hit, Juker went to the ground. He then raised the rifle and fired additional rounds at the officers. Officers returned fire and Juker was hit and succumbed to his wounds.

- Erick Thomson, Gem County Prosecuting Attorney

“This was a very intense and frightening incident for the residents of this normally quiet neighborhood. We feel fortunate nobody else was physically injured or killed, including the responding officers, who attempted to resolve this incident peacefully. I am thankful for the thorough investigation and review of the incident by other Treasure Valley Law Enforcement agencies, and the Gem County Prosecutor,” said Ron Winegar, Chief of Police.

The public CITF report is available here under the date July 26, 2023.

A video report, with on-body camera video, is available here Additional video may be available upon request free of charge through BPD’s public records request process.

As with all critical incidents, the Boise Police Department conducts an administrative investigation. The City of Boise Office of Police Accountability also performs an independent review and will issue a public report.

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