National Water Experts Review Boise's Plan to Recycle Water

December 7, 2023

An independent panel of water science and engineering experts convened through the National Water Research Institute (NWRI) reviewed the progress of the City of Boise’s Advanced Water Treatment Pilot and overall recycled water program yesterday. The city presented water quality data from the pilot, plus a detailed roadmap that would take Boise from the current pilot program to a full-scale water recycling facility in 2029, which would preserve local water by reusing it locally or recharging groundwater for future use. The NWRI panel will report their findings and recommendations in a final report to the City of Boise in 8 to 12 weeks.

NWRI panelists pointed out that recycled water programs have been successful in several western states. “This is proven, this is done, it’s been done for decades,” said panel chair Rupom Soni, PE, Community Relations Manager for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. “It’s great because it’s a climate-resilient supply of water.”

“It’s exciting to see Boise moving that direction,” added panelist Liam Cavanaugh, PE, Colorado’s Metro Water Recovery Chief Operating Officer.

This is Boise’s second visit from NWRI to assess and advise on the program. NWRI independent expert advisory panels are teams of internationally recognized experts that review water resources management, policy, and investment issues. “What you’re hearing today is exactly where the utility should be now,” said NWRI Executive Director Kevin Hardy. “And where this panel can really help the community moving forward is making the right decisions for their water recycling program with confidence, because it’s been done in many other communities around the United States and across the world.”

The Advanced Water Treatment Pilot has been testing purification technologies on water that has been used by industry and businesses in order to keep Boise’s resources local while providing a safe and healthy city for everyone. A recording of the panel presentation can be viewed on the City of Boise’s YouTube channel.

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Audience members from NWRI conference
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