Recycled Water

See the City of Boise's innovative water purification process in action at the Advanced Water Treatment Pilot on April 24!

About Recycled Water

The City of Boise Recycled Water Program will create resilience against the impacts of drought, population growth and climate change by preserving drinking water and bolstering the local groundwater supply.

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Why Recycle Water?

The City of Boise produces 30 million gallons of clean water every day from water used in homes and businesses. This clean water flows from our water renewal facilities to the Boise River and out of our city. By recycling some of that water to reuse locally, we can create a new, drought-proof water supply.

What is Recycled Water?

Recycled water is water that is used, purified, and used again. We plan to collect water from businesses and industry and purify it through advanced water treatment. Purified water can be reused by businesses, recharged into the groundwater or used for irrigation and landscaping.

What is the Advanced Water Treatment Pilot?

The Advanced Water Treatment Pilot is the first step toward a recycled water program. We researched the best technologies for water purification, brought them all together, and tested their ability to produce purified water. Using what we learn, we will decide which technologies to use and how to use them at full-scale for the best water quality outcomes at a cost Boise can afford. Our staff operates the technology at the pilot, which will prepare them to train the workforce for our future recycled water facility.

A man giving a tour of the water treatment pilot to three people

Tour the Advanced Water Treatment Pilot

Come see Boise’s innovative water purification process in action and discover how it will keep water local on a one-hour tour of our pilot facility.

Tour the Pilot

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Expert Review of Our Program

Want to dive deeper into recycled water? The City of Boise presented a full technical report to an independent advisory panel from the National Water Research Institute (NWRI) in 2021 and 2023. You can watch videos of the presentations from the City of Boise and read the responses from NWRI in their reports at the links below.

Watch 2023 Review

2023 Report Coming Soon

Watch 2021 Review | View 2021 Report

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