Community Engagement

The City of Boise Office of Community Engagement's role is to foster deeper connections and engagement with citizens of Boise and city employees using modern communication best-practices. The Office works to establish a strategic, citizen-centric communication culture within city government that reflects Boise's vibrant, dynamic and innovative livability, and builds on residents' high satisfaction with the value of the city services they receive. It is part of a larger effort to bring a first-rate customer service mindset to the city's interaction and transactions with citizens.

Using the broad-breadth of 21st century communication tools and technology, we will listen and respond to the feedback of our residents and employees more effectively, while proactively delivering the right messages to the right people at the right time. This effort will prioritize, consolidate and streamline the city’s overall citizen and employee communication efforts, while creating more opportunities for residents to engage with their city government on a more personal level.

To contact the Office of Community Engagement, please email or call 208-972-8500.

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