Code Updates

Repeal and Replace of City of Boise Fire Code – Title 5, Chapter 12 BCC

*Updated 1/1/2022

The City of Boise Fire Code has not been updated for several years. During the interim years, we have enforced the provisions of the State of Idaho Fire Code, as adopted by the administrative rule making process with legislative approval, along with associated state amendments and amendments contained within current Boise City Code (BCC). Because of numerous International Fire Code (IFC) revisions over the years and a distinct need to clean up our amendments to make them more succinct, Title 5, Chapter 12, BCC is being repealed and replaced.

A summary of updates to the draft ordinances include:

  • General clean-up language and formatting to ensure consistency across the ordinances. The code will be updated to correspond with most recent state adopted code – 2018 International Fire Code, with State of Idaho amendments and cleaned up BCC amendments.
  • Wildland-urban interface chapter and map. The new code adoption will more closely match the 2018 International Wildland-Urban Interface Code and updated boundaries will more closely match our projected wildfire risk.
  • City Building Code Board of Appeals section for consistency in duties and procedures.
  • Use and restrictions on foam-water suppression systems.
  • Tenant space identification for multi-tenant occupancies and multi-family housing.
  • Requirements for spec warehouses.
  • New provisions for control valve and FACP locations.
  • Etc.

The City of Boise Building Code Board of Appeals has reviewed the proposed updated ordinances, and recommended approval to City Council.
A copy of the draft ordinances with amendments are included. Members of your organization are encouraged to review and/or comment on the proposed ordinances.

Questions or Comments

Available communication options for any questions or comments include:

  • Contact Fire Marshal at (208) 570-6573
  • Written correspondence can also be mailed and addressed to Fire Marshal, Boise Fire Department, 333 N. Mark Stall Pl., Boise, Idaho 83704.

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