Fire Station Tours

To connect with our community and educate the public on fire safety and firefighting, fire station tours are available by request for groups larger than ten people and smaller than 25.

For groups with ten to 25 people, please fill out the form below. Groups larger than 25 people cannot be accommodated due to station size.

For groups with less than ten people, please call the station directly to see when a tour would best fit the crew's schedule.

Please note, Boise Fire Department Station Tours:

  1. Station Tours must be requested 30 days in advance and are scheduled for one hour.
  2. Station Tours cannot be scheduled on a Sunday or holiday. Time restrictions are listed in the form below.
  3. Station Tours always have the possibility of being interrupted by an emergency since the crews remain in service.
  4. Station Tour requests have the possibility of not being accepted due to the volume of requests received, along with Boise Fire's extensive training schedule.
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