America the Beautiful

The City of Boise is proud to join leading conservation organizations, National Geographic, the Biden-Harris administration, and other government agencies in a global effort to support our environment. This effort is called America the Beautiful. The goal is to conserve at least 30 percent of land and water all over the world by 2030. It’s an ambitious undertaking, but one that will help protect clean drinking water sources, combat the negative impacts of climate change, protect endangered species and more.

Now is the time to act to create real and lasting change. By creating a set of America the Beautiful goals unique to Boise, we can directly protect native habitat in our open spaces, manage park properties to promote pollinators, increase the city’s tree canopy and promote healthy soils – all while protecting the Boise River for generations to come.

2022 Report

Our Goals and How We Will Get There

1. Manage 30% of open space and native habitat areas by using science-based land management actions to build resistant, resilient ecosystems in the Boise Foothills and along the Boise River.


2. Increase by 30% actively managed native habitat areas in improved park sites.

  • Plant pollinator gardens and teach residents about their benefits (example: Mariposa Park)

3. Raise a total of $30 million to protect more open space and clean water resources and enhance community restoration projects.

  • Raise additional $10 million to protect property in the Boise Foothills for generations to come (example: Boise Foothills levies that have already raised $20 million toward this goal)
Foothills Money Graphic

4. Grow our engagement opportunities by 30% to provide meaningful experiences for community members.

Engagement Graphic

5. Increase tree canopy cover in Boise to 30% through the City of Trees Challenge

Tree Visual

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