Tree and Bench Adoption Program

Boise Parks and Recreation offers opportunities to celebrate, commemorate and honor important people, dates, and events through tree and bench adoptions. These are established and maintained in accordance with the Boise Parks and Recreation Memorial Policy.

Site Selection

The cost of a tree adoption can vary, depending on the location and the diameter of the tree while the cost of a bench adoption can vary, depending on the location. Adoptions in premier parks cost more than neighborhood parks.

Renewable Term

A bench or tree can be adopted for a 20-year term. During this term, adoptions will receive maintenance outlined within the Memorial Policy. Upon the end of the term, adoptions can be renewed for an additional 20-year term at the rate of the time of the renewed adoption. If an adoption is not renewed, the plaque will be removed, and all efforts will be made to return the plaque to the person who requested the adoption.

Personalized Plaque

An extensive list of sentiments that work well with both tree and bench plaques have been compiled and are included in the Memorial Policy.

In accordance with our Memorial Policy, the following text is allowed:

  • First line of introductory text shall be limited to one of the approved phrases in the Memorial Policy or left blank.
  • Second line is limited to the name of a person or persons, including a title or affiliation, or an animal or animals.
  • Third line is limited to calendar dates such as birth and death dates or other calendar dates of significance or left blank.

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