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Phone: (208) 608-7100
Fax: (208) 384-3753
TTY: (800) 377-3529

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Boise City Hall
150 N. Capitol Blvd. - 2nd Floor
Boise, ID 83702

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Division Contacts

Administration and Operational Support

Phone: (208) 608-7100

Fax: (208) 384-3753

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Phone: (208) 608-7070

Fax: (208) 387-3867

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Housing and Community Development

Phone: (208) 570-6830

Fax: (208) 384-4195

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Phone: (208) 608-7100

Fax: (208) 384-3753

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Phone: (208) 608-7062

Fax: (208) 384-3753

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Administration and Operational Support

Main Number: (208) 608-7100
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NamePositionPhone Number
Kelcey StewartInterim Director(208) 608-7135
Yvette HarrisPDS Senior Operations Manager(208) 608-7069
Carissa EdwardsAdministrative Services Supervisor(208) 608-7121
Records Center(208) 608-7062
Nicki HeckenlivelyAdministrative Specialist, Design Review and Historic Preservation(208) 608-7061
Melanie HillAdministrative Specialist, Current Planning(208) 608-7065
Ashley HockenAdministrative Specialist, Building(208) 608-7098

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Main Number: (208) 608-7070
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Jason BlaisBuilding Official(208) 608-7097
Joe BruceAssistant Building Official(208) 608-7093
Carl MadsenAssistant Building Official(208) 608-7104

Permits and Inspections

NamePositionPhone Number
Christina WagemanBuilding Services Supervisor(208) 608-7124
Brittany HillPermit Technician(208) 608-7126
Tiffany Carson-HerkerLead Plan Review/Permit Tech(208) 608-7123
Judith AmadorPermit Technician(208) 608-7129
Sarah Borgerding NillesPermit Technician(208) 608-7133
Arianah AmadorPlans Review/Permit Tech(208) 608-7070
Debbie CabodiPlans Review/Permit Tech(208) 608-7125

Plan Review

NameTitlePhone Number
Carl MadsenAssistant Building Official - Plan Review Supervisor(208) 608-7104
Josh BoglePlans Examiner I(208) 608-7127
Javier GuzmanPlans Examiner II(208) 608-7103
Michael HansonPlans Examiner II(208) 608-7101
Brian McGowanPlans Examiner II(208) 608-7105
Jenny NelsonPlans Examiner I(208) 608-7109
Robert PatrickPlans Examiner I(208) 608-7102
Julie RomigPlans Examiner II(208) 608-7099
Carl WestfallPlans Examiner II(208) 608-7106
Debbie SaninePlans Examiner I(208) 608-7057

Project Management

NameTitlePhone Number
Angie BrosiousProject Manager(208) 608-7115
Ron HillProject Manager(208) 608-7071

Fire Review and Inspections

NameTitlePhone Number
Joe BruceAssistant Building Official - Fire Protection Systems Supervisor(208) 608-7093
Romeo Gervais Assistant Fire Chief(208) 570-6567
Erika AkinFire Code Plans Examiner(208) 608-7111
Trevor ReedFire Alarm Plans Examiner(208) 608-7112
Troy CobbleyFire Code Inspector(208) 794-9483
Buck TomFire Code Inspector(208) 608-7058
Jim PageFire Code Inspector(208) 914-5431
Mark StumbaughFire Sprinkler Plans Examiner(208) 608-7110

Building Inspections

NameTitlePhone Number
Mike JordanBuilding Inspector Supervisor(208) 794-9473
Tell RileyBuilding Inspector Sr(208) 830-2752
Brandon ShawBuilding Inspector I(208) 954-9358
Jim StoreyBuilding Inspector Sr(208) 794-9490
Tony YoungBuilding Inspector I(208) 794-9462
Joe HanlonBuilding Inspector I(208) 794-1967

Electrical Inspection

NameTitlePhone Number
Daryl DeGrangeElectrical Inspector Supervisor(208) 794-1379
James AdyElectrical Inspector(208) 914-4683
Rock HudsonElectrical Inspector(208) 794-6794
Mark MoncarrElectrical Inspector(208) 685-9023
Tom SaundersElectrical Inspector(208) 794-1923
Eric StoryElectrical Inspector(208) 985-3493

Plumbing Inspection

NameTitlePhone Number
Chad SchwendimanPlumbing Inspection Supervisor(208)780-9549
Daryl SpiveyPlumbing Plans Examiner/Inspector(208) 794-9485
Eric StrolePlumbing Inspector(208) 794-7913
Matt WrobelPlumbing Inspector(208) 803-4982

Mechanical Inspection

NameTitlePhone Number
Chad SchwendimanMechanical Inspection Supervisor(208) 780-9549
Troy JamesMechanical Plans Examiner/Inspector(208) 794-9461
Ben LivingstonMechanical/Fuel/Gas Inspector(208) 576-1208
Jack ReynoldsMechanical/Fuel/Gas Inspector(208) 803-2395
Brian ScolesMechanical/Fuel/Gas Inspector(208) 914-4915

Erosion Control Inspection

NameTitlePhone Number
Andy LongErosion and Sediment Control Inspector II(208) 794-8996
Michael ZawackiErosion and Sediment Control Inspector I(208) 473-8333

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Housing and Community Development

Main Phone: (208) 570-6830
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NameTitlePhone Number
Sandi RutlandExecutive Assistant(208) 570-6830


NameTitlePhone Number
Leah LarsonProgram Monitoring Specialist(208) 570-6843

Energize Our Neighborhoods

NameTitlePhone Number
Melinda McGoldrickEnergize Program Manager(208) 570-6830
Nikki DrakeEnergize Our Neighborhoods Coordinator(208) 570-6830

Grants and Loans Programs

NameTitlePhone Number
Rhiannon AveryGrants and Programs Manager(208) 570-6830
Ron GarvinHome Improvement Coordinator(208) 570-6830
Gary CampbellHome Improvement Coordinator(208) 570-6830
Carlos VelazquezLoan Receivable Specialist(208) 570-6846
Sara CrayProgram Coordinator(208) 570-6844

Grow Our Housing

NameTitlePhone Number
Leon LetsonGrow Our Housing Program Manager(208) 570-6841


NameTitlePhone Number
Maureen BrewerOur Path Home Administrator(208) 570-6830

Property Management

NameTitlePhone Number
Glen KellererHousing Property Manager(208) 570-6830
Derek-Lee FridleyHousing Coordinator(208) 570-6830
Anthony CabreraMaintenance Crew Chief(208) 570-6830
Aaron AdameHousing Maintenance Worker(208) 570-6830
Steve SchuelkeHousing Maintenance Worker(208) 570-6830
Robert SullivanHousing Maintenance Worker(208) 570-6830
Gideon CrossHousing Maintenance Worker(208) 570-6830

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Main Phone: (208) 608-7100
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Cody RiddleDeputy Director, Current Planning(208) 608-7100

Planning Front Desk

NameTitlePhone Number
Josh WilsonDesign Review/HP Planning Manager(208) 608-7077
Madison LockhornAssistant Planner(208) 608-7090
Jeff LoweAssistant Planner(208) 608-7075
Gemma FloresAssistant Planner(208) 608-7086
Sebrina MortensenAssistant Planner(208) 608-7089

Design Review

NameTitlePhone Number
Josh WilsonDesign Review Planning Manager(208) 608-7077
Katelyn MenugeAssociate Design Review Planner(208) 608-7081

Historic Preservation

NameTitlePhone Number
Ted VanegasSenior Planner, Historic Preservation(208) 608-7079
Michaella OwensAssistant Planner Design Review & Historic Preservation(208) 608-7092


NameTitlePhone Number
Céline AcordSubdivision/Current Planning Manager(208) 608-7100
Crystal RainAssociate Subdivision/Current Planner(208) 608-7085
David MoserAssociate Subdivision/Current Planner(208) 608-7087
Delanie GarlickAssociate Subdivision/Current Planner(208) 608-7076
Kevin HolmesAssociate Subdivision / Current Planner(208) 608-7074

Comprehensive Planning

NameTitlePhone Number
Deanna DupuyAssociate Comprehensive Planner(208) 608-7116
Andrea TuningAssociate Comprehensive Planner(208) 608-7078
Karen GallagherAssociate Transportation Planner(208) 608-7094

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