Record of Survey

Minor Land Division, Property Line Adjustment, or Parcel Consolidation

A Record of Survey is an administrative process for adjusting lot lines or parcels and can take the form of three application types:

  • Minor Land Divisions - allow for a single parcel to be divided into not more than four new buildable parcels without being subject to the procedural provisions of a Subdivision. The resulting parcels must meet all dimensional standards of the development code and any conditions site improvements. Minor land divisions may only be utilized with an affordability incentive.
  • Property Line Adjustments - allow for the adjustment of boundaries between adjacent parcels without the creation of new parcels. All parcels must comply with the standards of the development code.
  • Parcel Consolidations - allow for the consolidation of two or more existing, contiguous parcels, one of which must be currently buildable, into one buildable parcel. The resulting parcel must comply with the standards of the development code.

Each Record of Survey is different based on site context, and may have different needs and recommendations such as public safety infrastructure recommendations, variability of existing irrigation easements, necessity of a dedicated right-of-way. Site improvements may be required. Therefore, each Record of Survey type may have differing submittal requirements.

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