Early Assistance

Every project will begin with Early Assistance with the City of Boise's planning team. The goal of Early Assistance is simple: to understand the applicant's vision of their project and provide feedback early in the process so that applicants are provided with the best information and support to make the process smooth and efficient for all parties. Changes later in the project can be costly and time consuming, so the more information and assistance provided at the beginning can save the applicant greatly. The planning team will provide guidance on code requirements, and process, and answer questions to get the project started with a good foundation.

What Takes Place?

Early Assistance is a conversation between the applicant and a city planner. It can take place in person, over the phone, or via email and can take as little as five minutes.


How Do I Prepare?

For Early Assistance, applicants should have a general understanding of their project, including what they are trying to achieve, and basic information about their site, such as location. The goal of this step is to help identify requirements and next steps before detailed planning begins. This will ensure quality plans from the beginning while minimizing late-stage modifications.

What's Next?

After Early Assistance is completed, the applicant will create their project profile in the Permitting and Licensing system if it has not already been created during Early Assistance, before moving to the Concept Review step.

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