Interdepartmental Review

The Interdepartmental Review, also known as IDR, may be required before an applicant submits their application. This level of review is necessary for potentially complex projects that require discussion and coordination with other city departments (Public Works, Boise Fire, or Boise Police Department) and external agencies that support Boise development such as the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) or CCDC - Capital City Development Corporation.

This review session provides opportunities for the applicant to discuss their project directly with all interest groups and collect valuable feedback that will help create a more polished product and design before an application is officially submitted for review.

What Takes Place?

Once the the applicant has completed Concept Review and Neighborhood Review (if required), the applicant should be prepared to discuss relevant details of their project with the necessary collaborating parties. This can include:

City of Boise DepartmentsExternal Agencies
  • Public Works
  • Boise Fire Department
  • Boise Police Department
  • Other city departments
  • ACHD
  • ITD
  • CCDC
  • Other agencies deemed necessary

How Do I Prepare?

While an applicant does not need any new information about their project other than what was originally provided during Concept Review, it is highly recommended that an applicant prepares the following information to submit for IDR:

  • A dimensional site plan;
  • Massing information about the proposed buildings (renderings, detailed elevations, etc.);
  • A proposed timeline and phasing of the project.

The summary report from the project's Neighborhood Review, including all public comments, is also required.

Once the applicant is ready for IDR, they will submit an IDR Request Form. A staff member from the planning team will work with the applicant and appropriate parties to schedule the review appointment.

What's Next?

After the IDR has been completed, the planning team will distribute the IDR Summary to the applicant via email with the summary and recommendations from all partner agencies involved in the meeting. If there are no outstanding issues the applicant would like to address, planning staff will make the appropriate application available in the planning case, and the applicant will be notified via email that there is an application ready to complete in the Permitting and Licensing system.

The applicant can then complete and submit the application(s) online and pay the fees to proceed.

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