Submitting an Application

The new zoning code provides a more comprehensive process for applicants to receive feedback earlier in the process, as well as constructive steps to move a project through entitlements.

An application is considered complete when it has passed the pre-screen process and all applicable fees have been paid.

When to Apply

There are two different points in the process where an application(s) is submitted based on the project type.

Administrative-Level Applications

Applications that are reviewed and approved at an administrative level are either less complex or follow all applicable design and use standards, and therefore do not require a hearing-level review. All administrative level applications require Early Assistance and Concept Review, and projects that may need additional review by partner agencies, such as ACHD, may be required to complete Interdepartmental Review prior to application submittal.

Hearing-Level Applications

Applications that are reviewed at a hearing level are more complex and may not meet all applicable design and use standards. All hearing-level applications require Early Assistance, Concept Review, Neighborhood Review, and Interdepartmental Review prior to application submittal.

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Submittal Process

One of the benefits of this application process is that rather than applicants guessing which applications will be required, the Planning Team will provide each application at the appropriate step in the process within the Permitting and Licensing System.

At the proper place in the process, the applicant will be emailed a link to complete their application. All applications will now be submitted online.

The payment of fees also takes place at the time application submittal, after an application has passed the pre-screening process.

Permitting and Licensing System

Additional information and support regarding the Permitting and Licensing System is available online or by contacting the Planning Division.

What's Next?

Once all the expected applications have been submitted and fees have been paid, the Planning Team reviews the applications for completeness and will assign a planner to move the applications to review and decision.

Based on the application type, the applications will go to Administrative Review or Hearing-Level Review.

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