Neighborhood Review

The purpose of the Neighborhood Review is to allow residents, property owners, businesses, and organizations in the area surrounding a proposed development an early opportunity to learn about the project details and to provide feedback to the applicant before significant resources have been expended on project design and engineering.

What Takes Place?

The applicant or an assigned project representative (such as a development partner hired to complete the project) organizes and hosts a meeting with neighbors in close proximity to the proposed development as well as the applicable Neighborhood Association. Specific plan information will be provided to the attendees and provides a forum for neighboring residents to voice feedback early in the project.

Applicant Preparation

There's a number of important steps to this piece.

    1. Notifying the Neighbors - At this stage the project plans will be prepared, and the applicant will need to know who to notify and invite to the neighborhood meeting. The invitation must be mailed a minimum of 10 days prior to the scheduled neighborhood meeting, so the address list should be requested in advance to schedule and send notice. The notice must also include meeting specifics, a description of the project, a general site plan of the proposed development, and contact information of the applicant including email and telephone number.

      Invitation Template

    2. Planning the Meeting - City code requires applicants to hold meetings near the project site in a finished, climate-controlled structure accessible to people with disabilities (including mobility and vision). It must be held Monday through Thursday (excluding holidays), and start between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
    3. At the Meeting - The applicant must provide a site plan that includes the following: height and general location of structures, proposed vehicle parking and service areas, and proposed points of pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle access.

Use our Neighborhood Meeting Best Practice guide to make the most of the meeting.

Neighborhood Meeting Best Practice Guide

What Comes Next?

After the meeting takes place, the applicant needs to upload the following information and documentation into the PLN case associated with the project with the required formatting as defined below:

  • A copy of the Neighborhood Meeting invitation using the template provided, including the date the invite was mailed
  • Name and address of everyone invited to the neighborhood meeting
  • Drawings and other content shared at the meeting
  • Attendee sign-in sheet with names and addresses
  • Any written comments received from neighbors
  • Completed Neighborhood Meeting Summary Form

The project description and drawings must include the above information and be submitted in as a PDF using the following naming convention:







Incomplete materials and/or materials not formatted correctly will be rejected.

Once the planning department has determined that all required materials have been provided in the required format, the applicant will be notified that they may proceed to request their Interdepartmental Review (IDR).

Neighborhood Meeting Summary Form

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