Boise River System - Major

The Boise River is one of our community's most valuable assets. This application is required for all lands and waters and all aquatic, wetland, riparian, and upland environments within the jurisdiction of Boise City that are:

  • Within the 100 year Floodplain boundaries adjacent to the Boise River; or
  • Within the tributary floodplains with associated alluvial fans
  • Within lands and waters classified as A, B and C areas

These lands and waters serve to preserve fish and wildlife, and land use decisions along the river are made based on these habitat classifications. A major permit is that which does not qualify for a review as a Minor River System Permit. A River System Permit - Major is reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Related Information:

  • For projects affecting less than 100-lineal feet of river bottom, or less than 1/2 acre of Class A or B lands, see Boise River System - Minor.

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