Lateral Recruit


Minimum Qualifications

  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Be at least 21 years of age by the date of hire
  • Have held a full-time, sworn, certified law enforcement officer position with an Idaho P.O.S.T. Basic Patrol Officer Certificate or greater/equivalent within the last five years
  • Be in good standing with current/most recent department(s)
  • To qualify to bypass the written test and be considered for early hire, the applicant must be a law enforcement officer, deputy, or trooper who has enforcement and arrest powers and has completed at least a 12-month probationary period outside of a correctional facility or other non-road assignment.
  • To qualify for the shortened lateral academy, the applicant must have more than 24 months of on road / patrol experience.

  • Any lateral applicant with 2 years on road / patrol experience but less than 5 years will have their experience reviewed by the Training Division to determine if they will be accepted into the modified Boise Police academy.
  • NOTE: Performance in the modified academy to demonstrate the ability to succeed during field training will be assessed throughout the academy. The department may move a recruit from the modified to the full academy to assist in providing the best opportunity to complete field training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Automatic Disqualifiers

Applicants MUST NOT:

  • Have used marijuana within the past one (1) year or while employed as a law enforcement officer
  • Have used any other controlled substances within the past five (5) years or while employed as a law enforcement officer
  • Have any felony convictions over the age of 18
  • Have received any DUIs in the last two (2) years
  • Have received two (2) DUIs in the last five (5) years or
  • Have received more than five (5) traffic violations in the last three (3) years

Hiring Process for 2024 Lateral Academy

(Anticipating January and July Academies - hiring is always open for laterals)

BPD reserves the right to make changes to the hiring process based on department needs.

After BPD reviews your application, qualified applicants will receive an invitation to schedule both the Physical Readiness Test and the Oral Board on the dates below.

DateRecruitment Timeline

Hiring continuously open for lateral officers.

Apply Today

January 22st

March 4th

(Contact BPD for additional dates)

Physical Readiness Test

January 22nd

January 23rd

March 4th

(Contact BPD for additional dates)

Oral Board Interview
Estimated 3 - 4 week timeline

Background and Polygraph Testing (REQUIRED)

Applicants will be selected for backgrounds based on overall candidate ranking. Applicants will be notified by email and request to submit the following documentation within 7 business days.

Personal History Statement

Personal Information Questionnaire

Required Documents

Estimated 2 week timelineFinal Onboarding Appointments (REQUIRED)

Upon Final ApprovalFinal Offers
July 15Anticipated Academy Start Date

Factors We Consider When Hiring Lateral Officers

  1. Size and type of prior agencies
  2. Size/number of sworn officers - <49, 50 – 249, 250 – 500, 500-1000, 1000+
  3. Mission of the organization
  4. Specialty Positions, previous assignments, and special certifications
  5. Speak a second language fluently; language skills
  6. Level of education - Associates, Bachelor's, Master's degree, or Ph.D.

Wages and Benefits

Wages and Benefits

The Boise Police Department offers competitive wages and an excellent benefits package for incoming recruits.

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