Community Service Specialists

Community Service Specialists standing in front of City Hall West

The Community Service Specialist (C.S.S.) program is an integral part of service provided by the Patrol Division. C.S.S. are non-sworn personnel trained and experienced in Crime Scene Investigation and taking crime reports.

What the CSS Does

Finger Prints
Document Crimes

The C.S.S unit handles a wide variety of call types both in person and by phone. Some of the calls they respond to include reports of fraud, vandalisms, graffiti, misdemeanor thefts and grand theft, phone harassment, lost/found property, and any other crime not in progress or that does not have a suspect on scene.

A C.S.S. can also assist in crime scene investigation. They can often be seen out in the community driving white pick-up trucks identified as Community Service Specialists for Boise Police.

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