Specialty Positions

The Boise Police Department is recognized as one of the most dynamic, progressive police departments in the northwest.  BPD maintains best practices and advanced training in a number of different specialties, all designed to better serve and protect Idaho's capital city.

Specialty Units

Airport Police

In addition to normal patrol functions, officers of the Airport Unit (commonly called "APOs") are trained in the multi-faceted aviation-specific duties required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA). 

Behavioral Health Response Team

The Behavioral Health Response Team coordinates and collaborates with members of the Boise Police Department and community partners to facilitate the delivery of mental health services to those facing a mental health crisis.

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Bike Patrol

The mission of the Bicycle Patrol Unit is to provide Service (Education, Prevention, Enforcement) in the areas of the Parks and Greenbelt and other areas difficult to patrol by vehicle in Boise City.

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Boise State University

Boise Police are proud to partner with Boise State University for police and security services to students, faculty and campus special events. You'll find Boise Police Officers patrolling the campus in marked police vehicles, on bicycles and on foot. Boise Police also provide police protection and security at all major university functions such as concerts, sporting events, etc.

Bomb Squad

The Boise Police Bomb Squad fulfills its mission by detecting, evaluating and rendering safe suspected improvised explosive devices, incendiary devices, explosives, explosive chemicals, pyrotechnics, ammunition and weapons of mass destruction.

BPD Honor Guard

The Boise Police Department Honor Guard has been established to represent the Boise Police Department and the citizens of Boise at police funerals, parades and other ceremonial occasions. It is our intention to assist all officers and their families during their time of duress. 

Community Service Officers

The Community Service Officers (C.S.O.) program is an integral part of service provided by the Patrol Division. C.S.O. are non-sworn personnel trained and experienced in Crime Scene Investigation and taking crime reports.

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Crisis Negotiation Team

The mission of the Boise Police Department's Crisis Negotiation Team is to provide the field commander with negotiators who have been specifically trained and equipped to diffuse critical incidents involving suspects who are suicidal, barricaded, hostage-taking or engaged in terrorist activities.


STEP stands for Selected Traffic Enforcement Program. Night STEP officers have specialized training in recognition, arrest, and prosecution of drunk drivers.

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Mobile Field Force

The Mobile Field Force (formerly Emergency Services Unit) is a specialized unit of officers trained to respond to crowd management and crowd control situations.

Motor Patrol

The Boise Police motor patrol consists of several uniformed officers who patrol the neighborhoods, roads and highways in the Boise area. The goals of the Motor Unit include reducing the number of vehicle collisions, educating the public, making engineering recommendations to reduce collisions, impacting specific traffic problems and assisting with special events.

K9 Units

BPD canines are trained to locate and apprehend violent criminal suspects. With their extensive training and sense of smell, they often locate hidden suspects in locations where officers may not have been able to safely locate them.

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Liaison Positions

The Boise Police Department’s Liaison Officers work to break down barriers and develop trusted, working relationships with different community groups in the city. The Liaison is available for direct reporting of crimes and to offer assistance, resources and answer questions.

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Neighborhood Contact Officers

Neighborhood Contact Officers are available to help solve long term problems that impact neighborhood safety.

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Refugee Liaison

The Refugee Liaison works directly with refugees, refugee resettlement agencies and refugee stakeholders.

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School Resource Officer

Through education and enforcement and by cooperative efforts with the school staff, the students, the parents, the courts and the communities social service organizations, the S.R.O. program strives to assist the schools with providing a safe school environment.

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Special Operations Unit

It is always the goal of the S.O.U. to peacefully resolve all deployment situations. It is this unit's fundamental belief that by providing a highly trained cadre of tactical officers to resolve incidents in our community, we can best protect and serve our citizens. 

Criminal Investigation Units

Narcotics Vice Unit

The Boise Police Vice and Narcotics Unit is a pro-active unit that investigates controlled substance violations, human trafficking, prostitution and gambling violations. 

Property Crimes

Property Crime detectives regularly investigate the following crimes: residential, commercial and vehicle burglaries, arson, unlawful use and or possession of explosives (including Post-Blast Investigations), grand theft and all felony theft-related matters such as vehicle theft, theft by deception, theft by possession, felony malicious injury to property/vandalism, and computer fraud (including other computer related crimes.)

Financial Crimes

The Financial Crimes Unit is responsible for felony fraud related crimes. Regular investigations include Issuing Checks Without Funds, Issuing Checks on Closed Accounts, a variety of forgeries including Passing a Forged Instrument, Counterfeiting (on a variety of documents including credit cards) and or Passing Counterfeit Currency and Unlawful Use of Financial Transaction Cards.

Criminal Intelligence Unit

The mission of the Boise Police Criminal Intelligence Unit is to provide law enforcement with criminal information base on Organized Crime and Domestic Terrorism in order to protect the public and suppress criminal activity, while preserving individual's constitutional rights and privileges. 

Gang Unit

The Boise Police Department Gang Unit will suppress gang activity and/or organized crime in Boise through aggressive investigation and enforcement of crimes committed by gang/organized crime members and their associates. 

Violent Crimes Unit

The overall responsibility of the Crimes Of Violence Section is to investigate felony crimes related to Violent Crime issues including Homicide, Rape, Robbery, Aggravated Assault and Battery, Kidnappings, collateral crimes and missing persons.

Special Victims Unit and Crimes Against Children

The Special Victims Unit investigates cases involving alleged sex crimes and child abuse.

SVU is located at the Ada County Family Justice Center, known as FACES, 417 S. 6th Street, Boise, ID 83702.

Crime Lab

The Crime Lab provides forensic services for criminal investigations. Analysts evaluate and examine evidence, interpret results, provide technical assistance and training, as well as provide expert testimony on examinations conducted. Analysts are on-call and respond to crime scenes for forensic services. 

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Curricula Vitae
Victim Services

The coordinators in this unit rotate being on-call, responding to crime scenes, the hospitals or other locations when requested, providing crisis intervention and stabilization on a 24-hours per day, 7 days per week basis. They work directly with patrol officers and the detectives to assist with victims, so crimes can be more easily investigated.

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