Recycled Water

What if we could make better use of our water in Boise? To prepare our community for challenges like drought, climate change and growth, the city is working on a plan to recycle some of the water that we use in our community.

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Why Recycle Water?

It’s no secret that drought is becoming more alarming every day. Across the west, news stories cover severe drought conditions. All the water that we use, nearly 30 million gallons a day is cleaned and then sent away and out of our community. We’re producing a precious resource every single day, clean water, only to see it leave. Most of the water that we use in Boise comes from our groundwater aquifer. As growth and climate change continue to put pressure on our community’s water supply, we are looking at opportunities to make better use of the water that we use in our city.

Learn more about the impacts that climate change will have on our community.

Climate Assessment

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What is Recycled Water?

Recycling water is what it sounds like- once water is used, we clean it, and use it again. Currently, the water that we collect every day from homes and businesses gets cleaned and put into the Boise River to flow downstream and out of our city. Our recycled water program proposes to take the water that we get from specific sources, like businesses or industry, clean it, and send it back to be used again. We are also exploring options to put the clean water into our groundwater aquifers to be stored for future.

What’s Next

Before we create a program to recycle water, we need to bring together top experts from across the west to help to ensure we are working with the latest science, best practices, to ensure quality and safe recycled water. This fall, the city is hosting a National Water Research Institute Panel, a diverse group of third-party experts that will provide input and recommendations on our recycled water program. Specifically, they will be looking at the city’s approach to pilot testing, water safety, regulations, and community engagement.

The panel includes experts in the field of recycled water engineering, microbiology, chemistry, hydrogeology, and community engagement.

Staff will spend the morning presenting to the panel, followed by a question and answer session. The panel will ask questions of staff and will collect public questions and comments to be included and considered for the final report. The presentations and Q&A will be open to the public as well as livestreamed. Please join us virtually to learn more about the changes coming to Water Renewal Services.

Event Details

Thursday, September 9th, 2021 | 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Please note: Due to the recent spike in COVID numbers and the increasing strain on our hospitals, we have elected to cancel the in-person portion of this event. The event will still be livestreamed and we will be accepting comments and questions via email. The livestream will be recorded, so if anyone misses the live event, the panel will continue accepting questions and comments via email for two weeks to include in their report.

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