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July 21, 2023

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This week was rail week in Boise!  We welcomed the Greater Northwest Passenger Rail Summit to the City of Trees where we had the privilege of hearing from Stephen Gardner, CEO of Amtrak, as the keynote speaker. Amtrak, in collaboration with local and state governments across the nation and supported by the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, is actively working to revitalize passenger rail travel in the United States.

The Federal Railroad Administration was also in town as part of their Amtrak Daily Long-Distance Service Study, evaluating the restoration of daily long-distance intercity rail passenger service and exploring potential new Amtrak routes.

This focus on rail in Boise fills me with hope for the future of transportation in our city and throughout the region. The City of Boise, along with Salt Lake City and other partners, has applied for the transformative Corridor ID Program offered by the Federal Rail Administration. If we are successful, this program will enable us to address crucial questions about the corridor and make significant progress in reconnecting our communities through rail.

I feel the significance of restoring passenger rail service in Boise in every conversation I have with folks who almost always share a personal story of connection with loved ones. The corridor between Caldwell and Salt Lake City is home to 4.4 million people and encompasses six prestigious colleges and universities. By establishing connections between these major metropolitan areas, we unlock incredible opportunities for families, education, recreation, commerce, and more.

I want to assure you that our commitment to advancing rail connectivity remains steadfast. We fully understand the positive impact it will have on our city and the immense opportunities it will create for everyone who lives, works and plays in our city.

Be well, Boise.

Compost processing farm with large equipment working.


So far this year, Boiseans have used 3,744 cubic yards of free Curb It compost to improve soils around homes and neighborhoods - the equivalent of 75 semi-truck trailers! Soil amended with compost reduces the need for fertilizers, conserves water, and helps plants capture and store more carbon, all of which contributes to cleaner air and water and a more stable climate. Our successful compost program is just one way Boiseans are helping tor create a clean city for everyone.

Group of people standing outside learning from an instructor.


Open House July 31st

Join us at the Advanced Water Treatment Pilot Open House at 5 p.m. on July 31st to tour our test site for the future Advanced Water Treatment Program. We are testing a high-level treatment process to take water from specific sources, clean it, and send it back to be used again. Currently, the water that we collect every day from our city is cleaned and sent into the Boise River, where it flows downstream and out of our community. This program will prepare our community for future challenges like drought, climate change and growth.

White bucket filled with goathead plants.


Weed Warriors

It’s prime goathead picking time! These pesky invasive plants can pop bike tires and get stuck on your shoes and in pet paws. Help eradicate puncturevine from Boise parks and neighborhoods by volunteering as a Weed Warrior this summer.

Plastic Free July logo with a graphic turtle in place of the zero in 2023.


Did you know disposable coffee cups can’t be recycled? Their paper plus wax or plastic material keeps liquids in but means they are a contaminant to paper recycling and must go in the trash. To curb single-use waste, try a reusable coffee cup. One reusable cup can keep up to 500 disposable coffee cups out of the landfill each year!

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