Stay-Home safety reminders for your property

April 13, 2020

If you are looking for things to do around the house, why not do it with safety in mind. Check out this safety check list to see what improvements you can make to increase the safety of your home and your family members.

  • Replace any burned out light bulbs around your home. Lighting is one of the best deterrents to nighttime burglary. If you have them, install motion sensor lights in the side or backyards. You can also consider timers hooked up to indoor lights.
  • Trim shrubs around doors and windows so burglars don't have a sheltered place to work. Overgrown landscaping like bushes, shrubs and trees can offer an intruder a place to hide and conceal a break-in. Trim shrubs to knee height, tree branches shouldn’t hang lower than 6 feet.
  • Check the locks on your doors, windows and pet doors. Fix any that are broken or missing. No matter how friendly your neighborhood is, make it a habit to check for locked doors each time you leave the house to go for a walk and when you go to bed.
  • Install track-type locks, drop bars, wooden dowels, or pinning devices on sliding glass doors.
  • Clear items away from garage door sensors to ensure the door fully
    closes, and give those sensors a quick wipe with a clean cloth. Don’t leave garage doors partially open at night.
  • Photograph your valuables and make a note of serial numbers on important items.
  • Clean out your car. Take time to remove personal information and valuable items from your car; secure required documents in a locked glove box. Store your garage door opener out of plain view.
  • Register your bike
  • Consider this new program from Ada County. If needed, register family members who are part of a vulnerable population with the Ada County Sheriffs Office’s Vulnerable population registry. The registry is for people who suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, or have an autism diagnosis, and provides vital information for first responders to address the specific needs of the people on the registry if there is a call for service.
  • Pay attention to suspicious activity or anything that appears out of place. Immediately report any and all suspicious activity by calling non-emergency dispatch at 208-377-6790 or 911 in the event of an emergency.

While the Governor's Stay-Home order remains in effect, BPD is committed to providing safety tips to help keep your home and your family both physically safe and feeling safe.  Here are our recent tips: Watch out for scammers, 7 tips to keep your kids safe online.

Boise Police Officers are also continuing to respond to calls for service and maintaining essential public safety operations. To contact a police officer please call 911 for emergencies.  For  non-emergencies call 208-377-6790 or make a police report online

In general, officers are seeing compliance with the Governor’s Stay-Home order and we appreciate everyone’s efforts to protect the health and safety of our community.

For additional information on Boise City facilities, services and procedures click here.

photograph valuable items
register your bike

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