Conditional Use - Initial Approval or Major Expansion

A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is required for any use that is classified as a Conditional Use in a give zoning district in the Table of Allowed Uses. CUP applications are heard by the Planning and Zoning Commission who may place specific conditions, in addition to the standard requirements of the code, to mitigate any material negative impacts to other uses in the surrounding area. Requests to reduce the minimum vehicle parking requirements for a development by more than 50 percent are also reviewed in accordance with CUP standards.

This application is used to obtain the initial CUP approval and for major modifications to the approved plans may be requested as detailed below. Conditional Use Permit - Initial or Major Expansion is decided by the Planning and Zoning Commission

A Major Expansion of an approved CUP includes but is not limited to:

  • An increase in density;
  • A density decrease exceeding 25 percent of the total units that has been approved through a Conditional Use Permit;
  • Any change that will impact the neighborhood, such as a significant change in traffic generation or flow;
  • A change that was the subject of an appeal during the public hearing;
  • A change that would affect some other condition such as a condition regarding pathways, streets, schools, floodplain, or foothills;
  • A request for a greater than 20 percent increase in building square footage;
  • A request to change the nature of the approved use;
  • A request to change or delete a condition of approval; and
  • A request that would increase or cause impacts to a foothill or river area, or an increase in soil erosion.

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