Boise’s zoning ordinance establishes allowed and prohibited uses for every property in the city, as well as uses that are allowed under specific conditions. It also specifies dimensional standards such as height and setbacks. While the city has 32 unique zoning districts, properties are generally classified as residential, mixed-use, industrial and open land with additional overlays and specific plan districts.

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Zoning Districts

Boise's zoning and overlay districts.

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Allowed Use

Summary of allowed use tables from code.

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Design and Development

Summary of design and development standards used to achieve quality development in alignment with Blueprint Boise and other guiding plans.

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Zoning Maps

A collection of maps related to planning and zoning.

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Procedures, Administration and Definitions

What you need to know regarding the administration of the zoning code.

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Boise's Zoning Code

Title 11: Development Code

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Zoning Map

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