Near North End Character Overlay

The purpose of the NC-O District is to:

(a) Encourage continued residential uses;
(b) Protect the historical and architectural character of the neighborhood using adaptive reuse methods;
(c) Encourage redevelopment of sites and renovation of structures that contain established historic institutional uses;
(d) Allow for adaptive reuse of existing structures for Multiple-Family residential and established historic institutional uses;
(e) Prohibit demolition of structures for parking lots or new office developments; and
(f) Maintain the district as a transitional area between the commercial intensity of downtown and the adjacent predominantly single-family residential neighborhoods.

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Depiction of Character Overlay Districts Map highlighting included area from West Fort Street east to 17th Street and including Hays and Franklin from North to South.


The following restrictions and allowances beyond the requirements of the base zoning district shall apply:

Parking Allowances for Adaptive Reuse in the MX-1 and R-2 Zone

Adaptive reuse of a Single-Family Detached or Single-Family Attached Dwelling for office, Multiple-Family residential, or historic institutional use may be granted the following allowances for parking requirements:

i. Tandem parking in the rear yard, with alley access, is permitted.
ii. Shared parking agreements and parking joint use agreements are required to the maximum extent practicable.

Adaptive Reuse Limitation for Additions

Buildings that are adaptively reused pursuant to the provisions of this Section may be expanded in size up to 50 percent from what existed on August 21, 2001, provided:

i. The expanded portion is in keeping with the architecture of the existing building; and
ii. The site is large enough to accommodate the required number of off-street parking spaces without the granting of a Variance for setbacks or landscaping.

Standards for Parking Structures and Lots in the NC-O District

On-site surface parking lots larger than 2,500 square feet are prohibited, unless incorporated within a new residential use or within and as part of the renovation, redevelopment, or expansion of an historic institutional use. As used in this paragraph, the phrase "incorporated within" shall mean located in an interior or rear yard of a development so that it is not visible from the public street.

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