Activity Centers Almanac

An activity center is an area that attracts people for shopping, work, school, recreation and/or socializing. Activity centers vary in size, location and uses. Blueprint Boise identifies three types of activity centers.

Regional Activity Centers

Destinations that serve Boise residents as well as residents of the surrounding region. They typically include large-scale employment and retail uses, high-density residential and mixed-use development. Examples include:

  • Downtown Boise
  • Micron industrial area
  • Boise Towne Square Mall

Community Activity Centers

Destinations that serve a group of neighborhoods or the entire community. They typically include grocery stores, moderate to high-density housing, office and mixed-use development. Examples include:

  • Hillcrest Shopping Center
  • Apple and Parkcenter
  • Five Mile and Ustick

Neighborhood Activity Centers

Destinations that serve one or more neighborhoods. They are typically characterized by a compact scale and pedestrian friendly design that encourages pedestrian access from other neighborhoods. Examples include:

  • Bown Crossing
  • Hyde Park
  • 36th Street and Hill Road

Activity Center Almanac

The Activity Centers Almanac presents information pertaining to each of the 43 activity centers identified in Blueprint Boise. The Activity Center Snapshots are sorted by their respective planning areas, which are geographic areas across the city with boundaries defined by Blueprint Boise. Within the document, the snapshots are further sorted by the Activity Center type, as noted above.


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