Administrative Review: Type 2 Applications

Accessory Dwelling Unit in R-1A

Garage converted to ADU with brown siding and a staircase on the side of the building
Image from Tony Moody

Many Type 2 applications are allowed uses in their zone but require additional review by staff before approval to ensure use-specific standards and design requirements are followed.

EXAMPLE: A homeowner is building an accessory dwelling unity (mother-in-law suite) in their backyard in an R-1A (Large Lot) zone.

WHY TYPE 2: ADU's are allowed in R-1A, but use specific standards apply. Staff will review the application against use standards and design criteria in the code.

Proposed Process

Proposed timeline starting with concept review meeting, then an application is submitted (100%), a staff report is done, and then a decision is made.

Public Involvement

  • Project visible on Community Development Tracker
  • Neighborhood Association is copied on approval letter to applicant
  • Appeal of decision goes to hearing examiner

More examples of Type 2 applications that follow this process:

  • Sign Program
  • Duplex/Triplex/Fourplex

Old Process

Timeline of old process starting with Applicant has a concept (0-100%), then an application is submitted, a staff report is compiled and then a decision is made.

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