Administrative Review with Major Design Review: Type 2 + 3 Applications

60-Unit Apartment Complex in R-3 (Residential Urban)

apartment building with trees in front and blue skies

Some projects may be classified as Type 2 Administrative Review because the use is allowed, but they require interdepartmental review and Type 3 Major Design Review, which includes a public hearing.

EXAMPLE: A developer purchases a vacant corner lot in an R-3 (Residential Urban) zone to build a 60-unit apartment complex.

WHY TYPE 2 + 3: Multifamily housing is an allowed use in the R-3 zone, so the use is reviewed and approved administratively. However, new multi-family buildings are subject to Citywide Design Guidelines and require Major Design Review.

Type 2 Process for Allowed Use

Timeline of proposed process starting with Concept Review Meeting (25%), then an Interdepartmental Review is done (50%), a application is submitted (100%), a staff report is done, and then a decision is made.

Type 3 Process for Major Design Review

Timeline starting with Concept Review Meeting (25%), then a neighborhood meeting, then mid-process review meeting with staff, then interdepartmental review (50%), then an application is submitted, then a staff report is conducted, and lastly decision: design review commission.

Public Involvement

Allowed Use

  • Project visible on Community Development Tracker
  • Neighborhood Association is copied on approval letter to applicant
  • Appeal of decision goes to hearing examiner

Major Design Review

  • Neighborhood meeting
  • Transmittal (agencies, neighborhood association) and mailed notice when application is submitted
  • Public hearing
  • Appeal of this decision would go to Boise City Council

More examples of applications that follow this process:

  • Commercial and mixed use buildings over 5,000 square feet

Old Process

Timeline starting with pre-application meeting (0-100%), then a neighborhood meeting, an application is submitted, then agencies and partners review, then a staff report is compiled and lastly a public hearing and decision: Planning and Zoning Commission

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