Sewer and/or Trash Hardship Discount

If you are experiencing hardship, you can apply for a discount for sewer and/or trash services through the City of Boise.

Please note: the following documentation is required for a complete application:

  • A complete copy of your previous years' Federal Tax return is required if your Total Annual Gross Income is more than $13,000;
  • A complete copy of your previous years' Federal Tax return is required if you have more than one source of income;
  • Copies of all Benefit Statements are required if your only source of income is received from Social Security

* If the above do not apply, please provide copies of other documentation for all sources of income.

Please be advised that upon approval, the hardship discount will become effective at the start of the next bill cycle.


To qualify for the hardship discount, Total Gross Annual Income in this application must be less than the Annual Gross Income for your size family based on the Extremely Low Income Guidelines of the Community Development Block Grant Income Guidelines from

Extremely Low Income Guidelines (2023)

Household SizeAnnual Gross Income
1 Person


2 Person$21,400
3 Person$24,860
4 Person$30,000
5 Person$35,140
6 Person$40,280
7 Person$45,420
8 Person$50,560
List all persons residing at the service address and their relationship to the account holder.
Total Annual Gross Income
Terms & Conditions
* Required

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