Planned Public Investment

Current Areas of Investment

  • Downtown
  • State Street Transit Stations
    • Planned large transit stations to support future Bus Rapid Transit along State Street
      • Whitewater Park Blvd
      • Collister
      • Glenwood + Gary
      • Horseshoe Bend
  • Pathways Corridors
    • The Greenbelt
    • Federal Way Bikeway
  • Best in Class Transit Routes
    • Current routes that provide service every 30 minutes and every 15 minutes during commute hours
      • Route 3: Vista Ave
      • Route 7: Fairview
      • Route 9: State Street
  • Regional + Community Activity Centers
  • Areas identified in Blueprint Boise intended to support community needs

Directing Development Within Mixed Use Zones

The City of Boise is proposing to direct development where there is planned public investment by establishing new mixed-use zones (MX-5, MX-4 and MX-3) with strong urban design requirements. These zones are proposed in the following areas:

  • Downtown
  • Identified State Street Transit Stations
  • Best-In-Class Transit Routes (State, Vista, Fairview)
  • Pathway Corridors (Greenbelt + Federal Way)
  • Regional + Community Activity Centers
Multi story buildings in downtown with foothills in background

Mixed Use Downtown


  • No density calculation
  • Convert C-2, C-3, C-4 and R-0 within downtown planning area to MX-5
Rendering of 4-story buildings with bus in front, multiple lanes of traffic and people crossing street
State Street Transit Corridor

Mixed Use Transit Oriented Development


  • No density calculation
  • 60 ft height limit / no height limit for affordable housing
  • 0' setbacks with requirement for wide sidewalks
Four story modern residential building with car parked in front

Mixed Use Active


  • No density calculation
  • 60 ft height limit
  • 0' setbacks with requirement for wide sidewalks

Ensuring Neighborhood Transitions

To ensure gradual transitions into lower-density residential zones the city is proposing to convert low-density zones (R-1A, R-1B, R-1C) within 1/8 mile of identified best-in-class transit corridor to Compact Residential (R-2).

One-eighth of a mile is about 660 feet and typically takes someone 3 minutes to walk. We want to allow more compact development near our best-in-class transit routes to further support our investments.

Map of Boise that highlights the main transit corridors of State, Fairview and Vista

(Click map to enlarge)

Meeting Neighborhood Needs

Starbucks coffee building with drive thru and outdoor patio

Mixed-Use General


  • No density calculation
  • Maximum height: 45'
  • Traditional commercial uses, including auto oriented uses
Picket fence around business complex with parking lot. Businesses include "The Stil" and a carwash.

Mixed-Use Neighborhood


  • No density calculation
  • Maximum height: 45'
  • Small/neighborhood-scale uses

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