Community and Partners

Community involvement is key to creating projects that align with our city goals and create great places for Boiseans. A new review step has been added called the Interdepartmental and Agency Review Committee, to type 3 and type 4 projects, as well as some type 2 projects. This committee will bring together partners agencies, internal and external, to collaborate on key decisions to ensure projects are in alignment with city goals. Stakeholders included in this group will vary dependent on the projects but is meant to be a collaborative meeting that other agencies can provide feedback and work together to create solutions to complex issues.

Interdepartmental and Agency Review

Boise Public Works
Fire Department
Ada County Highway District
Idaho Transportation Department
Boise Police Department
Capital City Development Corporation
Boise Arts & History
School Districts
Boise Irrigation Districts

Please note, this list is not exhaustive and will include other partner agencies based on projects.

Community Involvement

Community input is a valued part of the development process. Whether it is a neighborhood meeting, collaborating with local partners, or providing comment at a public hearing, community input is important to the process. The Community Development Tracker was tool the city released to allow residents to follow what types of developments are happening in the city and where.  

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Project Types

Project type classifications will result in excellent projects.

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Project Standards

Our development process will ensure that projects located in our most important locations support our city's long term goals.

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