Zoning Code Rewrite

What is a Zoning Code?

Updating Boise's Zoning Code

The Boise Zoning Code Rewrite is the City of Boise’s effort to review and update Boise's Zoning Code, also known as the Development Code, to ensure the future design and development of our city enables more walkable, dynamic spaces for everyone.

With this update, we will be exploring tools that create developments that better preserve and enhance community character, integrate with existing neighborhoods and align with the city’s comprehensive plan, Blueprint Boise.

The new zoning code will aim to:

  • Simplify the regulations and development review process
  • Modernize the zones and development standards
  • Incentivize developments that integrate various transportation modes and a mix of uses at targeted growth locations throughout the city
A collage of images of outdoor Boise, Idaho. Title: Zoning Code Rewrite, Subtitle: Module 2: Design and Development Standards Public Draft October 2021

Draft Module 2

Design and Development Standards

Module 2 of the Zoning Code Rewrite was released in January of 2022. This section of the zoning code outlines development and design standards for developing properties within the city. The city released the draft Module with several accompanying materials for public review including the How to Read Module 2, an Executive Summary, and the conversation map.

How to Read Module 2

Module 2 Executive Summary

Conversion Map

Conversion Map (PDF)

Module 2 Public Draft (PDF)

Community Engagement

Community outreach for Module 2 took place January 27th - April 9th of 2022. There were two surveys available during that time, a community and a technical survey. Survey results and comments, neighborhood planning area community engagement notes, and a full outreach report of Module 2 are available below.

Draft Module 2: Outreach Summary Report

Draft Module 2: Community Survey Results

Draft Module 2: Community Survey Comments

Draft Module 2: Technical Survey Results

Draft Module 2: Technical Survey Comments

Draft Module 2: Neighborhood Planning Area Community Engagement Notes

Upcoming Events

We have been listening and learning throughout our community outreach process for the zoning code rewrite. We have made improvements to Modules 1 and 2 and will be releasing a new draft on July 12th. With the release of the updated draft, we will be hosting a series of open houses and look forward to hearing from the community on our new direction. Please RSVP to the events below.

Cover of the Zoning Code Rewrite Module 1 document

Draft Module 1

Zoning Districts & Allowed Uses

The City of Boise released Module 1 of the Zoning Code Rewrite in spring of 2021. This section of the zoning code outlines what would and would not be allowed within certain zones across the city and proposes the following changes to help better align our zoning code with the city's long-term vision:

  • Condensed and renamed zoning districts, 
  • Allow new housing types within all residential zones,
  • Allow small-scale commercial in some residential zones and
  • Created new zones that allow mixed-use development.

The City of Boise sought community feedback May-June of 2021 on the draft Module 1 of the Zoning Code Rewrite. The results of the public input can be read in the links below. Your input will continue to help the City of Boise refine our upcoming drafts of Module 2, Module 3 and the Full Public Draft to ensure the city grows in a sustainable, efficient and responsible manner that allows us to maintain and enhance our treasured quality of life.


Draft Module 1

Draft Module 1: Outreach Summary Report

Draft Module 1: Outreach addendum

Boise's Current Zoning Concerns

The City of Boise solicited feedback about the city’s current zoning tools and received over 800 responses. Feedback indicated that Boiseans want to see Blueprint Boise implemented in ways that make the tools and procedures for zoning more understandable, predictable and equitable for residents, developers and the community as a whole.

Key recommendations included:

  • Simplified, streamlined code with illustrations
  • Clearly defined land uses
  • High quality design standards for buildings and sites
  • Clarity about the development review process

Survey Summary (PDF)

Diagnostics and Solutions Report

Additionally, feedback from the survey was integrated into the Final Diagnostics and Solutions Report. This report also includes feedback and observations from city staff and consultants about the challenges and opportunities that exist with our current zoning tools.

Final Report

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What is a Zoning Code?

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

Citywide Advisory Committee

The committee is made up of 20 Boise residents who represent a dynamic group of community members across cultural backgrounds, genders and technical and personal experiences.

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