Pathways Program

Movement for Everyone includes providing safe, reliable active transportation options for people who live, work and recreate in Boise. For decades, Boise has been working to develop a dedicated pathways system, beginning in the 1960's with the start of the Boise River Greenbelt. Building on the Pathways Master Plan, which envisions a 160-mile pathway network, the Pathways Program works to expand access to separated pathways for people walking, bicycling, rolling and strolling around Boise. The future pathway system will connect people to daily destinations like school, work, parks and shops.

The Pathways Program focuses on securing pathways through private development, through agreements with canal companies and property owners, and by working with partner agencies like ACHD and ITD to integrate the pathway network into roadway design.

Pathways Master Plan

Man and woman crossing bridge over Boise river with dog on leash.

What are Pathways?

Pathways are multi-use paths, typically paved and separated from traffic, intended for biking and walking. They are often found away from roads or busy streets, along a river, canal, or through parks and open space. You can also find them along roadways where space permits. The Boise River Greenbelt and the Federal Way Bike Path are two local examples of pathways in our community.

Did you Know...

There are provisions in the new zoning code to protect, promote and provide pathways connections between neighborhoods, parks, public spaces and main roads.

Adoption of the Pathways Master Plan

After extensive outreach beginning in early 2021, City of Boise staff presented the consolidated pathways plan to the Planning and Zoning Commission on December 13, 2021. The commission passed the plan unanimously. The final Pathways Master Plan was presented to Boise City Council on February 1, 2022 and was unanimously approved to be adopted into Blueprint Boise, the Comprehensive Plan.

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