Development Review Process

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Development Review

Whether you're applying for a permit, or want to know more about a project in your neighborhood, here are some helpful resources.

Apply for a Permit

Need to apply for a development permit? Here are some helpful resources.

Before Applying

After Applying

  • Site Postings
    Cases that involve a public hearing require a notice to be posted to the site. All applicants must print, post and maintain notices of public hearings on the site of their proposed development.


  • Planning Division Staff Report
    Planners make recommendations based on the development code, comprehensive plan, public agency comments and comments from the public. However, the final decision is made by the hearing body. The staff report is available five days before the hearing as part of the "Agenda Packet"

Learn About a Permit

Did you receive a postcard about a project or see a public notice sign and want to know more? Check out the links below or contact a planner at 208-608-7100.

View Permit Details

The proposed project's development application, drawings and other documents are available online in the city’s Permitting and Licensing system.

  • Search for the Permit
    From the Permitting and Licensing system landing page, type in the permit number (example: DRH21-00001) in the "Search Records" search bar on the top right.
  • View Documents
    Scroll down, click on the “Documents” tab. Documents can be sorted by name or upload date.


Provide Input

Want to provide input on the proposed project?

  • Submit Written Comments
    You can submit written comments before the hearing.
    • Planning and Zoning Commission, Design Review Committee or Historic Preservation Commission: Written testimony must be submitted by 5 pm, the Thursday before the hearing.
    • City Council: Written testimony should be submitted by 5 pm, the Thursday before the hearing.

Submit Comments

  • Testify at the Public Meeting
    Go to the calendar to sign up to participate in the public meeting.


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Send a Message to Planning

Thank you for your interest in the Planning division. Please fill out the form below and a representative will be in touch with you. If you are inquiring about a specific project, please include the record number or project address.